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Tool Room

Plastic Injection Moulding


Testing & Inspection

Design phase defines the tool competitiveness; it is vital to select the best choice about materials, cooling, injection system, and undercuts release, according to each specific project. During 22 years of mould making the OMPL has always taken design decisions orientated to process efficiency. Our professional and experienced toolmakers take ownership of each tool, from when it leaves the design phase and throughout its various tooling and moulding activity stage. Furthermore, we invest and use the latest technology and machinery to deliver an all round quality service to our customer.

This is the facility we use to manufacture the mould with the exact specification for our clients.

•In-house design for tooling

•Makino milling m/c, EDM, manual milling, Lathe, Drilling & grinding.

•Ultrasonic cleaning

•Clean room polishing facility with latest German polishing machinery and equipment

OMPL have an impressive range of plastic injection moulding capacity varying from 15 tons up to 200 tons. This selection includes the ancillary plastic injection moulding equipment such as: heaters, dryers, hot runner, controllers, conveyors, robot and a 10-ton capacity crane.

Latest machinery and Expertise

• Injection molding machines ranging from 15 tons to 200 tons

• Chillers &  MTC

• Hot runners, Mould temperature controllers, Compressors, Dryers.

• Robot for part take out

• 10-ton capacity crane to handle molds

• Experienced injection-molding operators with exposure to all engineering and commercial grade plastic raw material.

• Dehumidifiers, Dryers.

• Annealing bath, hot air circulated ovens


Furthermore, we can provide your injection moulded parts in any standard injection mouldable polymers and in any volume you require. Because we have the capacity of supporting low to high volume.

Our assembly areas is designed and laid out to provide the best possible material flow and are set up for standardised operations.

Our well-equipped assembly area includes tools we use to carry out many value added assembly operations including:

• State of the art manual assembly of components to build up sub-assemblies or finished assemblies

• Clean room with state of the art facility

• Vacuum leak testing for leak proof valve assembly.


Wide range of testing and inspection services


A wide range of testing and inspection of product and process allows the customer to quickly start the sale of the product, without unexpected problems and with short start-up time.

OMPL has three stages that all our products go through before we dispatch them:

Line inspection

Receiving Inspection

Final random inspection

OMPL offers the inspection service using following testing and measuring equipments.

  • Profile projector
  • Digital caliper
  • Micro meter
  • Hight gauge
  • Climatic chamber
  • Spring load testing machine
  • Endurance testing
  • CMM will be added soon

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